Verdict: Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 5 “Just to get a Rep”

Though the slow pacing continues to mean ‘Luke Cage’ lacks momentum and often tension, the character development continues to be brilliantly linked to the societal issues the show deals with. While the first half of this episode again reiterates many of the points we have seen discussed over the last few episodes without any real impact, the funeral acts as a turning point, where it becomes clear to Cage that his actions will have implications not just for himself, but wider Harlem. This is a great representation of black power movements in the America at the moment, where the actions of a few have consequences for many. The dialogue for each character was also particularly strong in this episode, as the show continues to be able to weave larger MCU references in as well. Hopefully, this episode will inspire greater narrative choices in the future for the show. 8.2/10