Verdict: Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 3 “Who’s gonna take the weight?”

The direction of this episode is superb, especially in the brutal mid-episode action sequence that finally gave viewers a proper look at Cage’s abilities in a scene that didn’t feel contrived. With impressive musical choices and great production design,  ‘Luke Cage’ continues to have a distinct style that makes its action beats more involving. However, the narrative continues to wane. The overall plot and conflict lacks anything special outside of how it affects the main characters. With a slow pace and still delivering scenes that run for too long and are packed with repetitive information, the show needs to stop trying to reinforce ideas and begin unpacking their implications. As much as Ali gives a great performance as Cottonmouth, it is Mariah’s motivations and representation of wanting a better future that is the most complex and intriguing. 7.8/10