Verdict: Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 12 “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z”

While there is definitely a number of interesting reveals in this episode, enough to make me excited for the next season, and the show is able to confront a number of fan theories in an unique manner, these twists and cliffhangers are unable to effectively push the narrative forward. Focussing on Joanna, one of this season’s weakest elements, also lacked impact, as I’m yet to have any concern for her or her overarching plan, while though Dom and Darlene’s sequences were well written from a character perspective, its hard to see where they are going. It is this absence of importance in a lot of the characters actions which meant this episodeĀ didn’t resonate. It provided the stepping stones, but for a finale, it was too worried about the long term pay-offs. 7/10