Verdict: Sausage Party

Source: Stuff

It is difficult to review this film, as while ultimately I personally enjoyed it, with its constant barrage of clever jokes and comedic, sexual spin placed upon everyday items and pop culture references, many will be offended as it often does go too far. ‘Sausage Party’ is not the first film to do this, and that doesn’t make it a bad film, however, its clearly anti-religious agenda and maligned homophobic perspective often crosses a line, propelling the film from providing a somewhat intellectual commentary on equality and the conformity of religion, to directly spewing hate. The writers take the humour and unique premise and instead of making a balanced argument, persecutes many in the name of comedy. I totally condemn those elements of the film, however, luckily it has enough enjoyable content, with a stunning voice cast, to outweight those negatives. If you go into this film wanting to be entertained, then you will, but I personally hope audiences are able to understand that this film is one person’s view and not an invitation. 3/5