Verdict: Sully

Source: AVClub

With a number of stirring and riveting scenes, Clint Eastwood’s direction is impeccable producing an intense film of heroism and perception. It is also a testament to Eastwood that he is able to hold the audience’s interest outside of the main action sequence, capturing Sully’s inner conflict, supported by a stunning performance from Tom Hanks, who is able to realise both the character’s composure and his dilemma. However, while the film’s main ideas are nicely introduced, presenting the media’s onslaught of Sully and the public’s perception of him as a hero despite the NTSB’s obvious agenda, the screenplay fails on the follow through. The choice to present the story in a non-linear fashion does at times help emphasise Sully’s emotions and provide a constant reminder of the ordeal, however the film jumps between time periods too suddenly and sometimes for too long, muddling the message. Furthermore, flashbacks from Sully’s past are unnecessary and his wife becomes an afterthought, one aspect of many that is shelved by the film’s abrupt ending, ultimately providing very little resolution to the characters’ stories. 3.5/5