Verdict: Narcos Season 2 Episode 10 “Al Fin Cayo!”

This finale clearly highlights the intentions of the writers to not only showcase the ideas of mortality and legacy, but to present the effect that drugs and violence have had upon Columbian society. In each case, the show is beyond successful. Not only are each character’s storylines wonderfully resolved and the future of the series tantalisingly set up, but the bold directorial choice of simplicity over sensationalism is able to encapusulate the shows themes.

By not glorifying or dramatising Escobar’s death, but portraying it realistically, ‘Narcos’ demonstrates how his arrogance and need for a legacy ultimately was his downfall, with Escobar’s narrow view leading him to overestimate his ability and power within Colubmia, the aftermath of which is shown through a mixture of archival and original material, emphasising the show’s desire to be realistic and true to events. It is the reality of his death that showcases his mortality and how his self view overwhelmed his honour and love for his family. To perfectly showcase these ideas, while also creating tension and an emotional connection with many of the show’s character is a difficult task that the Narcos writers are able to achieve. 10/10