Verdict: Narcos Season 2 Episode 8 “Exit El Patron”

This episode is able to excellently escalate tension while tightening the noose around Escobar’s neck in multiple different ways. Whether it be from the government, the army, Los Pepes or the threats against his family, the pressure upon Escobar is realised incredibly well through a quick pace and a number of well-directed action sequences that raise the stakes. The concept of innocence is also well presented, as various factions ignore the violence happening in the streets to catch the Kingpin, highlighting the cultural perspective that each would do anything, including tolerating the killing of innocent people, to achieve bringing Escobar down. However, the humanisation and romanticisation of the famous figure continues to over powering and dilutes the empathy for Murphy and Pena, as though Wagner Moura is able to express the character’s subtle brutality, the writing seems to have a fascination in making the him more sympathetic than any anti-hero should be. 9.1/10