Verdict: Narcos Season 2 Episode 5 “The Enemies of My Enemy”

The pace slows down but the conflict heats up, with the writers creating divide both within Pablo’s family and between Pena and Murphy. Hopefully these are not brief moments of difference but have dramatic ramifications as the show really does need to be shook from its current formula. While Murphy is certainly sidelined here, Pena’s story with the newly formed vigilante group is thrilling, an intriguing look at how other criminals deal with disharmony in society when the government seems to be having little impact, which should lead to some interesting development for Pena and his relationship with Murphy as the agents disagree over methods and if enough is being accomplished. While Escobar is not given a lot to do this episode, and is becoming a little stagnant, this episode’s ending should lead him to making some tough, influential decisions, which hopefully will not follow a predictable path. 7.9/10