Verdict: Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 9 “eps2.7_init_5.fve”

Though beautifully directed, ‘Mr. Robot’ again suffers from its continued intentions to be smarter than the viewer and while this often works, when it fails, it fails miserably, at times coming across as pretentious This episode’s reveal seems gimmicky, it’s the sort of twist we now expect and it lacks the surprise and intrigue of the previous. Furthermore, the cliffhangers felt cheap especially considering the show has done nearly the exact same endings before. The consequence of the writers trying to outsmart the audience means the rest of the narrative feels like filler, leading up to the supposed surprise. It lacks progression and at times the relationship between Elliot and Mr. Robot seems to go backwards. Angela however, continues to have the best subplot, a tense, mysterious story of corporate espionage which continues to slowly link to the main arc. 6.9/10