Review: Son of Clowns

(This is an early review for film ‘Son of Clowns’. The film will premiere on Amazon Prime on September 8)

Though its editing may be too haphazard, jumping between sequences in an odd fashion that lacked fluidity, ‘Son of Clowns’ benefits from stunning cinematography that portrays a personal look into the life of Hudson Cash and his journey of self discovery through a variety of close ups and shaky cam shots.

Sadly, the film’s depiction of Cash is rather monotonous and uninspiring as the character doesn’t seem to have any development until the final act. While you can sense where the film is heading with the character and his eventual downfall is intriguing, getting there was a bit of a slog. The character felt too constrained to this dull, lifeless tone, and more variety was needed. This was initially provided by cheerful Ellie, before she suddenly became incredibly knowledgable and deep, leading to repetitive monologues and philosophical discussions with Cash. However, the eventual catharsis that occurs within Hudson is well realised thematically and through strong acting, symbolism and direction.

I also appreciated the realistic depiction of the family unit and wish the film had focussed more on Cash’s position within it. Not only were the characters (especially Hudson’s dad) entertaining and optimistic (a nice contrast to Hudson), but they were relatable. I felt sympathetic for them and their struggles even as they lacked screen time. If I could restructure this film I would have placed more emphasis on what Cash learnt from his family, than the tiresome discussions between him and Ellie.

In summary, ‘Son of Clowns’ needs refining and maybe a change of perspective, however with solid direction, acting and realism, it is able to stand out and say something about self discovery and entertainment. The music also fits well within the film, often bringing some energy to an at times lifeless journey.