Pokemon Go: Update: 7 July 2016

Pokemon Go: My Journey

(Update: 7 July 2016 7.00pm)

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Overall Stats:

Starting Level: 4 (310/4000XP) / Finishing Level: 6 (3325/6000 XP)

Pokedex: Caught 18, Seen 19

Distance Walked: 7.76km

Pokemon Caught Since Last Update and CP at Time of Capture:

Goldeen x2 (CP:40, 41)

Pidgey x5 (CP:10, 10, 23, 85, 42)

Weedle (CP:16)

Meowth (CP:70)

Zubat x7 (CP:44, 43, 10, 10, 24, 10, 25)

Eevee (CP:44)

Poliwag (CP:81)

Rattata x2 (CP:19, 77, 65)

Clefairy (CP:84)

Bellsprout (CP:113)

Sandshrew (CP:10) Hatched*

Ekans (CP:101)

Venonat (CP:103)

Pokemon Seen but not Caught:

Clefable (CP:289)

Pokemon Evolved:

Pidgey into Pidgeotto (CP:75)

Overall Top 6 Highest CP Pokemon:

Bellsprout (CP:113)

Eevee (CP:105)

Poliwag (CP:104)

Venonat (CP: 103)

Ekans: (CP:101)

Clefairy (CP:84)


Holding 8

1 Hatched since last update: Sandshrew


Joined Team Valor


Captured 30 Pokemon

Captured 10 Normal type Pokemon

Captured 10 Flying type Pokemon

Captured 10 Poison type Pokemon



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