Season Review: Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones Season 6 Review

Contains Spoilers

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Is Game of Thrones still the best show on TV? How will the show manage without the books as source material? Will Daenerys ever reach Westeros? Is Jon Snow still dead? Has Winter arrived yet? Here is my review of the sixth season of Game of Thrones.

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Due to the scope and scale of Game of Thrones, and the needed detail, I will only be discussing my general thoughts about the show in this article (otherwise the amount of tangents that I could go on would be enormous)

General Comments:

  • Once again the cast has proven they are the best on TV. Peter Dinklage continues to be a standout (though he has less to do in the season), Lena Headey’s Cersei is mesmerizing and nuanced as we grow to sympathise for her yet still hate her, and Kit Harrington proves himself not just in battle sequences, but also in the quieter moments.
  • The direction of each episode is again stunning, particularly the final two episodes by the wonderous Miguel Sapochnik. Game of Thrones has becomes cinematic in every sense.
  • While the show continues to provide clear POV sequences and chapters, it handled the intertwining of each very well, as the show moved from each of its characters being restricted to ‘zones’ or areas of the map to being part of many different plots.
  • I do understand some of the sentiments that this season was too heavy on fan service, but people should remember that these theories such as Jon Snow and The Hound coming back, originate from legitimate sources in the books and real evidence. They are not simply made up to please fans.
  • Some of the lore and detail did get a little muddy in some areas, with the writers possibly not clarifying some information enough, though this was definitely a minor problem and didn’t distract from the overall story.
  • The writers perfectly balanced hard hitting emotional moments with political theory and authentic medieval battle strategies, elevating the show’s intellectual statements.
  • The show’s overall production values are of a truly cinematic value, from the production design, to the visual effects, to the location choices, to the music direction, everything felt very real and true to the show’s adopted time period.
  • Particular praise to the costuming on the show, which I was blown away by time and time again.
  • Arya’s storyline in Bravos was interesting as far as allowing her to gain the skill to become an assassin like character, but it was too slow and meandering to be effective for nearly two entire seasons.
  • The show provided clear character arcs for each character, and always kept to them, not diverting for unnecessary reasons.
  • The show seems to be clearly driving towards something on every front, not meandering around, but with focus towards the end game.
  • Some of the storylines did feel slightly underwhelming in patches, while still clearly with direction, did have the punch of other plots.
  • There were a few occasions particularly in the second half of the season, where characters were told to go somewhere, just because they needed to be moved out of the way. For example, Jaime going to the RiverRun siege. I understand Tommen wanted him to leave Kings Landing, but it felt more like the writers trying to get rid of him while Cersei schemed.
  • Some more closure or direction could have been provided for some storylines such as for Euron or Brienne, as both characters definitely have their own paths, but seemed to be only acting as obstacles to other characters in this seasons. Euron to Yara and Theon and Brienne to Jaime and his morality.
  • Both ‘Battle of the Bastards’ and ‘The Winds of Winter’ are perfect episodes, and two of the greatest episodes of TV I have ever seen, find my review of them in my episode review section.

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