Review: Grace and Frankie Season 2

Grace and Frankie Season 2 Review

Contains Spoilers

Source: AV Club

Is Grace and Frankie’s second season able to trump the so-so freshman entry? Have Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda still got what it takes to be comedic? And is Netflix able to continue its roll of successful original TV shows? Here is my review of Grace and Frankie Season 2

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  • Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda absolutely killing it, nailing the comedy, drama and emotional elements.
  • Clear character arcs over the course of the season, not randomly forced in.
  • Serialisation mostly working, having each episode be effective over the wider story.
  • Multiple emotionally touching storylines.
  • The comedy feels real to each character while being perfectly used to help in the transformation of the each.
  • Delightful commentary on ageism and relationships, not afraid to present multiple perspectives.
  • Business woman Frankie was one of the show’s highlights both in terms of comedy and drama, especially seeing her go head to head with Brianne.
  • The fun and warm tone of the show.
  • Finishing with a clear direction for future seasons, while allowing there to be some underlying tension.
  • Robert and Sol as a proper married couple.
  • June Diane Raphael’s show-stopping and hilarious Brianne.
  • Not going overboard with conflict between Grace and Frankie, instead highlighting that arguments can occur between friends.
  • Beautiful score that perfectly represented the emotions of each character, while also presenting a sense of optimism during conflict or times of somber.
  • Each character having individual stories, not tied to one another.
  • Not every storyline was overly dramatic or comedic, some were simple everyday tasks which were exciting due to the writing and the characters within them.


  • Some episodes in the middle of the season were dull and lacked the energy of most.
  • The relationships Grace and Frankie had with Phil and Jacob respectively, never felt all that close, possibly rushed and underdeveloped.
  • A few odd and contrived story elements.
  • Jumping between too many characters in each episode, often meaning some were not given enough time to be relevant.
  • Coyote, Mallory and Bud always felt like add-ons, again another consequence of too many storylines and characters.
  • I didn’t feel any real consequence of Robert and Sol breaking up.