Spoiler Review: X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse Review

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Can X-Men: Apocalypse follow on the heels of the incredible Days of Future Past? What is up with the timeline? How much of ‘blue’ mystique do we get? And is there any Wolverine? Heres my spoiler review of X-Men: Apocalpse.


  • The opening sequence was beautifully realised, from the visual effects, to the action, to the mutant powers, to the sense of stakes and tension, this is probably my favourite X-Men sequence ever!
  • Oscar Isaac doing a great performance under so much costuming, being able to make even the more clichéd elements of the villain intriguing.
  • The film addressing the lack of ‘blue mystique’ and allowing it to tie into the thematic discussion of mutants and their role in society. This also meant that there was real impact when she finally did change near the end of the film.
  • Quicksilver’s sequence was as stylish as in Days of Future Past.
  • Allowing the delivery of each X-Men’s powers to be clear and not convoluted.
  • The emotional weight behind the death of Magneto’s daughter and wife, fuelled by Michael Fassbender’s performance.
  • A real sense of teamwork between the X-Men, as a family and comrades and not just students at a school.
  • Straight away providing information about the timeline and reminding audiences of what happened earlier.
  • The opening credit sequence dripped with history that perfectly reflected the film’s overall themes.
  • Jean Grey’s dark Phoenix was both visually stunning and not forced into the film.
  • The sequence in which Apocalypse takes over the Cerebro was absolutely engrossing, highlighting the film’s stakes and ability to go further than most while not forgetting its intellectual premise.
  • The film’s incredibly raw action, pushing towards an R-Rating.
  • The variety of themes the film touches on, and often closely examines including the concepts of technology and the growth of man, as well as the role of mutants as heroes.
  • Providing an optimistic ending, while also nodding towards slight conflict between characters.
  • Not solely focussing upon Magneto and Professor Xavier.
  • The Wolverine sequence was able to combine the flashy elements of his character with a gruesome horror, while fitting into the narrative.


  • Way too many characters  felt either forced into the narrative or introduced nicely before getting shoved away (eg- Cyclops, Psyloche, Angel, Jubliee, Moira)
  • Apocalypse as a villain seemed a little generic with his intentions of ‘cleansing’ the world never being as complex as it could have been, certainly painting the character as a clear one-dimensional villain.
  • The film should have tried harder to bolster the relationship between Cyclops and Havok.
  • Humour came often at the wrong times, distracting from the tension or emotional connections.
  • The conflict between Magneto and Professor Xavier is something we have seen way too many times now.
  • Apocalypse’s costume felt tacky and plastic.
  • While the physical consequences to buildings and technology was great, the audience was not alerted to any other fallout to the characters or to society.
  • Too many teases, often without explanation, expecting the audience to understand a character’s lore already, which may be a result of the timeline.
  • The film’s duration was far too long.

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