Review: Vinyl Season 1

Vinyl Season 1 Review

Contains Spoilers

Source: Cinefilos

With HBO needing a big new hit outside of Game Of Thrones, following the self-destruction of True Detective, Vinyl was supposed to be the answer. Was Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger’s love baby a success?


  • Absolutely stunning muscial choices
  • Beautifully directed sequences honouring muscians
  • Authenticity
  • Subtle references to real life figures and events
  • Overall style and direction
  • Acting from the entire cast
  • Devon not going back to Richie
  • The actually behind the scenes elements of the music industry
  • Seeing the development of the Nasty Bits


  • Too many characters and subplots
  • All the cliched mob elements
  • Melodramatic aspects of some storylines
  • Addict Richie
  • Inconsequenital filler episodes
  • Devon never being totally fleshed out
  • The finale¬†ending too clean and neat


While Vinyl certainly had its problems (those crime storylines were so awful) and some plot lines never gelled with the overall arcs, the overall season contained many great elements and served its purpose in showing how the music industry worked in such an era. Is it the smash hit HBO wanted? No, certainly not. But it is definitely not a bad show, but I do wished there was more to make me excited for next season, especially with Terence Winter off. Hopefully Martin Scorses will lend his hand again and continue to deliver an incredibly stylish and tonally authentic show.