Review: Better Call Saul Season 2

Better Call Saul Review

Contains Spoilers


After a stunning first season, in which it proved prequel spin-offs can be done perfectly, Better Call Saul returned to provide further depth to Jimmy/Saul and see if it can rise to a Breaking Bad level of quality

P.s It Did!


  • The Emmy worthy performances of Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn and Michael McKean
  • The complex and unique relationship between Jimmy and Kim
  • Balance between Slippin Jimmy and the heartfelt serious Jimmy
  • Stunning direction and choice of imagery
  • Unique camera shots, including the long shot at the start of ‘Fifi’
  • Creation of tension
  • Right times for comedy and drama
  • Slow burn development of conflict between Jimmy and Chuck
  • Kim being a focus
  • Bringing more Breaking Bad characters into the show
  • Emotional resonance
  • Astoundingly deep and thoughtful writing
  • Never afraid to go back to its roots


  • The seperation and lack of interaction between the storylines of Mike and Jimmy
  • Some episodes lacked urgency and energy

I truly believe Better Call Saul is at the Breaking Bad level. This season has blown my mind over and over again. It has excelled at nearly everything it has attempted, and yes while it would have been nice for Mike and Jimmy to have had a bit more to do with eachother, this show feels planned out and understood by it’s writers. It is a long term game. We will see our two favourite characters back together soon. Every episode is dripping with drama, with complexity. This really may be my favourite season of any show ever. I don’t know whether I would go as far as to say its my favourite show, but if Season 3 (and hopefully beyond) can carry on at this level of quality, then anything is possible.

As far as Emmys go, sadly I do not believe Better Call Saul can win any major awards (maybe Best Actor, but that Kevin Spacey was damn good in House of Cards), but it should get across the board nominations. It certainly deserves to win. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did win a collection of Creative Arts, but more importantly, win for its writing and direction, which truly was perfect.

The balls in your court now Game of Thrones.