Oscar Predictions: Supporting Actor

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor


Christian Bale (The Big Short)

Tom Hardy (The Revenant)

Mark Ruffalo (Spotlight)

Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies)

Sylvester Stallone (Creed)

Predicted Winner:

Sylvester Stallone


This is an interesting category as while Sylvester Stallone stands as the front runner and has won every major award he has been nominated for, he has not been nominated for them all. After winning the Golden Globe as well as the Critics Choice, Stallone stands a good chance at taking Oscar, however his biggest competition comes from Mark Rylance, whom has never won against Stallone in a major ceremony, yet has won other awards such as the BATFA, which Stallone was not nominated for. The other major award, being the SAG Award, went completely out of field to Idris Elba, who infamously didn’t receive an Oscar nomination. With Elba winning that award, Stallone looks to have a better chance than Rylance. Remember while Stallone wasn’t nominated for the SAG, Rylance was. This shows that since Rylance couldn’t gain a win even without his biggest competition, he probably doesn’t have full support of SAG, many of whom also vote at the Oscars. Yet Stallone wasn’t even nominated. Stallone, however, has a number of key trump cards. Firstly, who he is. Sylvester Stallone is a house hold name, an actor who has never won an Oscar, even with a number of classic roles. Giving the award to an actor of such prestige, one that a few years ago was making direct to video films, may be of great temptation to the Academy. Stallone also is a producer and writer, gaining an Oscar nomination back in the seventies for writing the first Rocky film. While actors choose the winners of the acting categories, many are also producers and writers. It is rare to see such an actor/writer be nominated and this added to his star power may be an impressive combo. However, as mentioned, Stallone has seen many faults in recent years, choosing poor films to appear in and taking many ‘money’ jobs. This definitely hurt his credibility and while his performance in Creed is very well regarded, there are still some who cannot see him as a serious actor. Rylance, on the other hand, is a very serious actor, one that is most well known for the stage, yet has had some cross over appeal for years now without finding a defining role. While his background could be a positive, it may also be a detraction going against such an actor as Stallone, or to think of it any other of these nominees, however playing a real life person is a real plus. While Rylance did win the BAFTA, he is British, and this years BAFTAs did lack much British talent. T

he other three nominees are all in interesting positions, and while they have little chance, they are not completely out of the game. None have won any major awards, though Ruffalo did win the SAG for ensemble which will be a major boost to his chances, plus the fact that this is his third nomination in the last 5 years, an incredible feat. Add this to the fact that Ruffalo is one of the few actors that can perform in both indie, smaller films as well as in major blockbusters and his appeal may be at an all time high. Ruffalo also is incredibly politically active and while this may be a negative, as some voters may disagree with his views, Hollywood in general is very democratic, and Ruffalo reflects this. Christian Bale, similarly also works in both types of films, though not to the same degree, and while The Big Short is a real contender at Best Picture, his role is relatively small and has not been a major focus at previous award ceremonies. That leaves Tom Hardy, arguably one of the best actors working today, yet with little recognition for it other than in fan circles. Hardy was a surprise nominee, as while he was a frontrunner for the award back in mid 2015, he slowly became forgotten. The only major nominations he gained was for the Critics Choice Award and for the Oscar, not even nominated at the BAFTAs, being a British born actor. However, while Hardy has little chance to win, due to these lack of precursors, he does star in The Revenant, which is arguably the most buzzed about film at the moment, and though his performance is being drowned out by Leonardo DiCaprio’s, the Academy is taking note. Add this to Hardy’s success in Mad Max: Fury Road, a film that will most likely take home the most awards, and Hardy definitely is on the radar.

Potential Spoiler: Mark Rylance