Opinion: Race diversity at the Oscars

Here is a quick opinion piece. I will write a more extensive piece closer to the Oscar ceremony. 

The point that people are boycotting the Oscars due to the lack of coloured actor nominees is pathetic. Out of the 100s of actors that many people predicted were viable choices for a nomination around only 3 coloured actors had any chance of a nomination. This was highlighted due to the precursor awards such as the Golden Globes and SAG awards where there too was a lack of diversity. Because so many other award shows did not nominate coloured actors, or only nominated one or two, it is simple to see that this is not a case of the Academy being ‘behind the times’ this is a case of a lack of good, award worthy performances by a coloured actor. The only real potential nominees were Will Smith and Idris Elba. While both deserved a nomination. If you look at the actors selected, all of them did too. Why should people be selected simply by their race? Are we getting to a stage where there is going to have to be a minimum amount of coloured actors selected? That is absurd and dilutes the quality of the nominees. It’s time people stop being so uptight and realise to get a nomination, one must give an award worthy performance. The Academy, like many other awards shows has decided no coloured actors gave such a performance.