Opinion: Cliffhangers in The Walking Dead Episode “Thank You” (Major Spoilers)

So The Walking Dead, in its third episode, created a number of key cliffhangers, all disturbing and all leaving the audience speculating and debating. While I am not going to definitely say what I believe is going to be a result of these cliffhangers, I am going to put a case forward for each. I will not go too in depth into the comics as I have yet to read them through properly, but I have a fair idea of the broad strokes of things that could be connected to these cliffhangers. See my review of the episode here: Review

Glenns ‘death’

Glenn will die sometime, it was an inevitable point within the show. He has died in the comics, so eventually fans were wanting him to die in the show. But its the way he died in tonights episode that is most shocking as it has absolutely no relevance to the comics what so ever. Again I only know that Glenn died by the hands of Negan, who is yet to appear on the show, following finding out that Maggie was pregnant. The show never clearly referenced this, but going back to episode one, Maggie murmured dialogue to Glenn, that seemed odd to the audience. Rick asked who in the group would help with the quarry mission, which leads to a brief, more focussed discussion between Maggie and Glenn. Glenn asks Maggie to stay behind in order to look after Deanna, with Maggie then saying “Thats not the only reason”, before giving Glenn a certain secretive look, which he replies with “Yeah it isn’t”. It is my belief that Maggie is referencing her pregnancy here, which would stop her being able to committ physically, giving Glenns death some connection to the events before his death in the comics, and is an argument in support of Glenn actually being killed in this episode. However many have speculated, that Glenn was not actually bitten to pieces by the hordes of zombies in “Thank You”, rather it was Nick. Nick and Glenn were obviously trapped on top of a dumpster as a large group of walkers came pummeling towards them. Nick realising his flaws, and faults thanked Glenn for sparing his life and helping to try turn him into a better person, something referenced throughout the episode, before shooting himself. It is here where things become a little speculative. Nick pulls Glenn into the walker group, as he falls to his death, and as he does he falls on top of Glenn, acting as a form of human shield. The camera angle makes it look like Glenn is getting ripped apart, but it could be seen that it is really Nick’s body on top of Glenn that the walkers are biting into. Glenn does scream, but having someone, lying on top of you, being ripped apart would make you do that. Also it is important to note that of the gore being displayed, we can see intestine like parts being pulled out of what looks like Glenns torso, which is odd cause the intestine is further down the body, again putting forward the question of whether the walkers were biting into Nick, who would have been positioned with his stomach (and intestines) just below the camera shot. The question must be then raised, if it was instead Nick being killed, how does Glenn then survive, won’t he just die after the walkers have finished with Nick? It is incredibly possible that Glenn is able to survive as he is being covered with the guts and blood of Nick, which as an audience we know hides a person’s scent and presence from a walker. While this may be a cheap way of keeping Glenn alive it most certainly does work within the shows lore. Personally, I think I would like to see Glenn die, as it would cause great tension in the show and ramp things up as far as relationships and characters reactions go, but ultimately it would work to also see Nick save Glenns life, by acting as such a human shield, as a way of paying him back for sparing his own, rather than Nick pulling Glenn to his death, which would oddly cancel out the point of Nick, someone searching for redemption. I also note that as the camera pulls away and we see the hoard all trying to bite into Nick/Glenn, the shot is incredibly reminisint, no identical to the final shot of the first ever episode of the show, where as you might recall, Glenn is first introduced, seconds before the shot appears and the episode ends. Whether this could be used as an argument for Glenn dying (the shot in the first episode sees similar death, the walkers killing a horse) or for him surviving (while the horse is killed, the main character, Rick survives, similar to the Nick Glenn dynamic) is uncertain but it is causing incredible speculation. I will say that if Glenn is alive, I doubt he will appear next episode, they will draw it out and he will suddenly appear in maybe the mid-season finale.

Rick needing an amputation

I have seen far less about this theory, but its something I picked up on and was surprised to see others also discussing it. Throughout this episode Rick is seen as independent, away from the group, however it is interesting to see him guarding his hand in nearly every shot he’s in, eventually bandaging it. This is signficant as it could mean Rick was bitten, something a lot of his facial expressions reflect, with expressions of horror as he looks down. Just before Rick is attacked by the Wolves, he looks down at his hand before trying the walkie-talkie, it looks as if he is about to say something, before deciding not to. Is it possible that he was going to say he was bitten but decided against it, or did the surprise of the Wolves just interrupt what may have been Rick trying to find out where Glenn was. Either way, the hand was predominantly shown in a number of shots throughout the episode, putting emphasis on it. And lets just remember that Rick does have his hand amputated in the comics, though that was by the Governor, who has already been killed on the show, but doesn’t mean the series has to follow suit.

Just some harmless speculation and opinions, place feedback down below.

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