Opinion Formatting (Film and TV)

So before I release my Terminator Genisys Opinion, I will highlight and lay out how I will format my Opinion posts for Film and TV.

First off I will state the film or television episode, its year, director, and the actors who play main roles.

Unlike a film or television review, I will not be discussing or analysing a variety of key aspects like performances, directorship, action sequences, character development etc.

Instead I will choose one main element of significance, something from the film or television episode that warrants a full on discussion, or may be being discussed in the wider media world, whether it be controversial, revolutionary, or something absurdly random. These may link to other aspects of the text however the main focus will remain solely on the element of importance. If you believe something from a film or television episode is of great importance and worthy of analysis and opinion, please comment down below.

Hopefully this format of discussion will allow for an intellectual discussion, rather than just an overview.